The Human Jellyfish

I am an artist. I explore all forms of creation. I model. I dance. I paint. I make a mess. I go forth in the world with words, racing across the eyes of viewers like a spider`s legs. This is my blog. This is the declaration and expression of my life, my existence. All the work here is my artwork, modeling work, and own writing. Feel free to contact me through email if you have any comments of questions:

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I was huddled in the back of the small boat, the engine kept running. The steering wheel was unmanned and I stared at it with a blank expression. I knew I should reach for it with both hands and take control, but the urge simply did not rise out of my heart. The little boat with me still in it went crashing on the feral shores of the unknown island.

When I rose up in groggy consciousness, I felt the sting of indifference pulsing through me. When i tried to speak, only sand cascaded from my tongue. When I listened for sound, only silence met my ears. I had lost my will. In that moment, I had to electrify myself.

It was time to examine my life. The things I want, are they really what I want? What is it that I want? What am I going for? Why am I here? All these unanswered questions that I just let drift alongside me, like temporal dolphins playing in the wake of the ship, only to disappear at first sight of an unexpected interrogator.

I was struggling but not fighting. Drowning, but not kicking. Breathing, but not living.